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Corporate Wellness Analysis

Posted by Brett Lodge on 11 January 2018 10:53:01 ACDT

As Subnet are now heading into our second month of our Corporate Wellness initiative, I figured now was a good time to look at what we have achieved and what has failed in our journey so far.

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Is working an 70+hr work week a necessity?

Posted by Brett Lodge on 23 November 2017 15:48:30 ACDT

Is it a sign of being a Baby Boomer / Gen X'r or a work ethic gone awry?

I have met many business owners or senior leaders over the years that have had the same issue with a personal drive that says 'doing your job right' equals working longer and harder than any of the other employees.  I have found this drive also means feeling a sense of guilt of you actually do have a day off sick or take personal leave.

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