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Why D.I.Y. can R.I.P!

Posted by Brett Lodge on 14 December 2017 15:23:25 ACDT

For my third blog post about Subnet's journey into the world of Corporate Wellness, I want to focus on an area that has become more apparent during the last two very troubling weeks.  Over the last two weeks I have not only been overseas and interstate for work which is always hard when trying to improve your mental mindset, but also dealt with an unexpected loss of a friend.

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Is your exec team holding you back?

Posted by Brett Lodge on 28 November 2017 13:35:52 ACDT

Being in leadership roles over many years with teams of ones and two's to teams of hundreds, the impact of a good manager or leader can be felt by the entire organisation.  The question is how do you become 'that leader' or if you are 'that leader' how to you use that privilege to do good in your organisation.

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Is working an 70+hr work week a necessity?

Posted by Brett Lodge on 23 November 2017 15:48:30 ACDT

Is it a sign of being a Baby Boomer / Gen X'r or a work ethic gone awry?

I have met many business owners or senior leaders over the years that have had the same issue with a personal drive that says 'doing your job right' equals working longer and harder than any of the other employees.  I have found this drive also means feeling a sense of guilt of you actually do have a day off sick or take personal leave.

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