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Why D.I.Y. can R.I.P!

Posted by Brett Lodge on 14 December 2017 15:23:25 ACDT

For my third blog post about Subnet's journey into the world of Corporate Wellness, I want to focus on an area that has become more apparent during the last two very troubling weeks.  Over the last two weeks I have not only been overseas and interstate for work which is always hard when trying to improve your mental mindset, but also dealt with an unexpected loss of a friend.

Either of these on their own can easily put me into a spiral into a negative work life balance, but together were very close to tipping me back into a 60+hr work week and unhealthy lifestyle choices.  Based on some preperation and advertising my goals out into the wider community, I was saved from own self destruction.

Especially in the early phases of any new program, be that personal or work related, it is easy to slip back into the norm.  You will need to enlist the support of the people around you to see you through, that is if you really want to achieve any meaninful goal.


In my case, by advertising my goals to the people around me at work along with my family at home they are enabled to not only hold me accountable, but more importantly you will be amazed at how much support they can provide - whether you think you need it or not.

In the last two weeks I have had multiple occasions where I was just going to skip another lunch as I had 'too much on', I knew I shouldn't but the temptation to just skip this 'one thing' was too great.  If I went it alone, I would have been back to square one - instead I had three different people at three different times call past and say 'Hey, arent you supposed to be eating lunch now!'.  Not only that, they went even further after I gave them a non-committal response, by going out to get me a healthy sandwich as they saw I was struggling (ps. Thanks Anna, Kat and Drew).

In additon, the support of others to get some motivation through some simple messaging and a quick 'Hey, you working out today?' was all it took to break me out of the 3hr focused session editing a word document without any movement.  On that note, even for those of us a little more isolated, getting an app on your phone, computer or watch that just reminds you to be more active will make a big difference.  It is amazing the difference in your demenour after a quick stretch or walk - even those days where you just cant be bothered!

So, after the last two weeks I say 'Do It Yourself' can 'Rest in Peace', my new motto is 'Do it with a Team, and better your odds of success'.

Can you be motivating your team to help you, or can you motivate your team through working with Subnet on a Corporate Wellness strategy in prep for the new year!  Reach out to learn more.

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Source: Brett Lodge, Managing Director.

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