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As a company that was started on a university campus, Cisco’s roots in education are shown in its ongoing commitment to the themes of learning and innovation that have become central to its culture. Cisco leads the way when it comes to providing the education and commercial sectors with solutions that create completely integrated and secure wireless environments. 

Seamless connectivity makes Cisco the ideal solution for schools and commercial enterprises looking to increase end-user mobility: 

  • Allowing your staff to work anywhere, without dropouts or slowdowns 
  • Creating a secure environment for users or guests to access data freely  
  • Increasing network performance through high-quality technologies and components 
  • Includes technologies that automatically recover from hardware failures or interference  

With the low total cost of ownership of Cisco wireless solutions, customers find that the costs associated with maintaining and managing the environment are greatly reduced. In the case of Valley View Secondary School; after installation of the Cisco wireless solution, they found that it ran effectively with barely any interaction from their IT team 

Cisco’s heatmapping feature is particularly suited to industries with high-density wireless environments i.e. locations like schools or venues that require support for large amounts of wireless devices including mobiles, tablets and laptops in a set area. It offers a visual map of the workplace overlaid with the wireless coverage which gives the network administrator invaluable knowledge about how to physically locate access points for best coverage.  

Key considerations for Cisco Wireless  

  • CleanAir  automatically detects and counteracts RF interference from devices such as Bluetooth headsets, microwaves etc. which can interfere with the wireless signal. 
  • Because Wi-Fi operates in a shared unlicensed band, integrated spectrum intelligence and spectrum management are a “must have” to enable a high level of performance, security, and reliability in your Wi-Fi network. Spectrum management is critical for providing a rich and dependable mobility experience to end users with business-critical wireless applications. 
  • Promote a better user experience for business-relevant applications on all Apple devices through the long-standing joint partnership between Cisco and Apple. 
  • Improved cost of ownership – Cisco has a long support cycle for their products which enables upgrades to be staggered. e.g. Cisco x500 series APs were released in 2010 and are still supported to run alongside the current x800 series and will be supported until March 31, 2021. 
  • Highly reliable and specialised devices that can cater to various industries and weather conditions, including their rugged APs for high temperature/dirty environments etc. 
  • Cisco has been recognised as a Leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant and maintains a fantastic level of ongoing support through their Technical Assistance Centre (TAC) 

Businesses and schools purchase Cisco solutions from Subnet due to our deep level of experience and expertise in designing resilient and effective wireless solutions in South Australia since 2000.  

Fill in the form below and a member of our Sales Team will be in touch to discuss which Cisco Wireless solution is right for your business.  

Sasha J
Post by Sasha J
15 March 2019 10:38:49 ACDT