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The cloud has become increasingly essential for business success. Cloud-based platforms like Microsoft Azure provide online tools that are designed to enhance everyday business. They can streamline operations, boost collaboration and help leaders and workers adapt to changing demands.

As technology continues to evolve and business enters into a new age, the cloud is necessary for staying competitive, overcoming new challenges and capitalising on opportunities. However, research suggests that some businesses still have questions and concerns. There are several common perceptions that prevent businesses from embracing the cloud*

  • The cloud migration process is complex and causes significant downtime.

  • Cloud platforms are susceptible to cyber threats.

  • Maintaining legacy systems is cheaper and more convenient. 

  • Leveraging the cloud requires significant knowledge, experience and technical skills.


These perceptions, in reality, are myths if businesses invest in the right cloud platform and migration process. Microsoft Azure, for example, provides a user-friendly process designed to help businesses achieve a return on their investment, with thousands of applications that can help operations become more efficient and effective.

Here are the truths behind these common cloud myths.

TRUTH: Microsoft Azure migration keeps your business running with minimal downtime

Azure’s migration process includes an assessment of your business’ strategies, workloads, costs and capacity. This crucial step helps to outline a clear roadmap for migration, allowing you to move your business to the cloud without significantly disrupting your day-to-day operations.

Microsoft Azure’s cloud assessment provides information in the form of a comprehensive report which Subnet helps organise and deliver within 72 hours of the assessment.

The report informs whether your business is cloud-ready or has a lot to process. It may reveal that migrating to Microsoft Azure will be a seamless experience, or that you might benefit from a phased approach to minimise disruption. Either way, the assessment will give you the information you need to ensure the migration process suits your business.

TRUTH: Microsoft Azure is one of the most secure cloud platforms in the world

Microsoft invests around $1 billion every year in cyber security to keep your business safe and operational. As cloud computing becomes the norm, Microsoft has worked hard to ensure Azure is one of the most secure cloud platforms in the world. 

With a team of more than 3,500 global cybersecurity experts, Microsoft Azure is fully supported 24/7. It also provides built-in disaster recovery and backup capabilities that reduce the impact and likelihood of potential downtime and data loss. 

It also boasts 99.95% availability for its users, with continual health monitoring facilitated by a network of data centres in more than 60 regions around the world.

TRUTH: Microsoft Azure can help manage, monitor and cut costs 

Microsoft Azure provides tools that help you monitor, manage and reduce your operational costs. These tools can maximise your investment in the cloud, setting spending thresholds, streamlining business processes and optimising workloads. By using Azure’s cost management tool, you can monitor and change your spending, potentially saving up to 34% in your first year.

Businesses need more data, storage and processing power than ever, which puts a strain on legacy systems that may struggle to keep up with modern technology. On-premises infrastructure often incurs significant expenses and operational disruptions by requiring regular maintenance and upgrades. Microsoft Azure, however, operates on a subscription-based model where maintenance and software updates are taken care of. This not only reduces your financial burden but also ensures that you can access the latest features and security patches without the need for extensive in-house IT resources.

TRUTH: The cloud isn’t exclusive to IT professionals – everyone can benefit 

Microsoft Azure is designed to be user-friendly and allow any business to flourish. While some familiarisation time is required, you won’t need advanced IT knowledge to complete tasks.

Users can also leverage ongoing support; there are online resources available if you want to access a how-to guide for your specific needs. Subnet also provides subsidised Azure technical training through Microsoft Learning and accredited partners, and Microsoft Azure engineers are available to contact for their expertise.

Registering for a free cloud assessment with Subnet and Migrate to Microsoft Azure 

Now that you have the facts about cloud computing, Subnet is ready to help you harness the power of Microsoft Azure. We can help you arrange an assessment to unlock the full potential of moving your business to the cloud powered by Microsoft Azure. 

Our dedicated team of professionals will guide you through the migration process, ensuring a smooth and secure transition for your applications and data. With Microsoft Azure, you’ll have access to a wide range of powerful cloud services, enabling innovation, enhancing collaboration and driving your business towards greater success. 

Don't miss out on the advantages of cloud technology.

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Post by Drew Jackson
16 June 2024 15:27:09 ACST