From AltaVista to Augmented Reality

Posted by Brett Lodge on 10 July 2020 09:26:55 ACST
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20 years ago I was playing on a Playstation 2, using AltaVista to search for the latest news and wondering what it would be like to have a phone that had more than snake on it. Security in those days meant getting a copy of VirusBuster to make sure my first computer didn't catch the flu or the world stop working with a Y2k bug. I couldn't have imagined having a phone that took photos, let alone how much the world would change - but I was excited by the notion.

Subnet 2010

In those days, I had already started down the path knowing that I wanted to be part of implementing that change in the industry and had kicked off my journey both with study and a technical job helping others benefit from the integration of business process and technology. What I didn't know at that point, was only a few k's away three techs decided that it was a great time to go-it on their own to kick off a new business in a back room that was focused solely on delivering services into education. But what should it be called, what sounds techie but wasn't already registered... ooh I know - Subnet - and it was born!

Subnet 2013

Flash forward 20 years later, in a year fraught with Fires, Pandemics and powerful political and cultural change - against all odds, that business was not only surviving in a cut-throat field but thriving and helping others achieve and deliver on goals. Wow.

From 3 engineers working in a small room to established presence across 3 locations, from a handful of customers to working with over 300 accounts including South Australian Icons, all while maintaining a Family feeling when you walk in the front door is an amazing.  Over that time, our customers have shifted from a small server in a cupboard to running out of the Cloud and from security being a lock on the server room door to being cyber secure with amazing new technologies that protect them from hackers on the dark web.

I'm so proud of our team and what we managed to accomplish over the last 20 years, and the team and myself are so excited to share with you our plans over the next 12 months as we re-launch into Subnet 3.0 in July 2021.  We hope you will join our Family, be that as a customer, a partner or as a member of the Subnet Team to join us on our exciting journey into the next 20 years!

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