Supporting those that can't support themselves

Posted by Brett Lodge on 13 April 2022 13:50:11 ACST

Within Subnet we always talk about, reference, and measure ourselves against our core values.  Unlike many organisations I've been a part of, instead of pushing values down from the top we created our values by asking our team who we really are.  Our team came back with the values of Being Valuable, Being Passionate, Being Responsible, and Being Part of the Community which really aligned to Subnet's 'Why' of - To Make a REAL difference, through our experience and our excellence.

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Subnet leading the way for Women in Technology

Posted by Brett Lodge on 08 March 2022 08:05:09 ACDT

This International Women's Day IWD (8th March) theme asks our workplace, our communities and each of us individually to take responsibility for our own actions and thoughts to #BreaktheBiasWhether deliberate or unconscious, the bias makes it difficult for women to move ahead in the industry. Knowing that bias exists isn’t enough, however, action is needed to level the playing field.

The Subnet Family has been working for many years to improve equality and diversity for all in the organisation, and over the last few years, we have made real advances.  This year we are really kicking it up a notch, as the whole Subnet crew take it on ourselves to improve the level of equality not only for our business but throughout the entire technology industry in Australia.

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From AltaVista to Augmented Reality

Posted by Brett Lodge on 10 July 2020 09:26:55 ACST

20 years ago I was playing on a Playstation 2, using AltaVista to search for the latest news and wondering what it would be like to have a phone that had more than snake on it. Security in those days meant getting a copy of VirusBuster to make sure my first computer didn't catch the flu or the world stop working with a Y2k bug. I couldn't have imagined having a phone that took photos, let alone how much the world would change - but I was excited by the notion.

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